Welcome Back to School from Supt. Dr. Jason Peplinski

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Dear Simi Valley Schools Community:

Today our students started the 2015-2016 school year and we are honored and thrilled to have them with us!

There are many changes this year, from new math textbooks and instructional materials in all grades, to all-day kindergarten, improved technology in every classroom, and College-and-Career Readiness programs in our middle and high schools, to name just a few. We know that some of these changes might be overwhelming, but we are also very excited by the opportunities these bring to our staff and students.

Change is not always graceful or easy, but we know that these changes will benefit our students in the most positive of ways. Our students will be better prepared for their future. They will not just be filled with facts, but with a love of learning that will extend far beyond our time with them.

It is not enough to declare change. Change must be nurtured and adjusted to be successful. In the coming months, you will see new and improved programs and methods to reach out to all of you because we do want to know if what we are doing works for you. Look for revamped websites, a district smart phone app for direct parent communications, and expanded social media outreach. We are bringing in new software to better disclose our fiscal status, making us more transparent to the public. We are also working to make our campuses as safe, efficient, and attractive as possible. Many of these things will take time to complete, but we are excited about the possibilities they will bring. As I told our staff last week, I ask that you honor that space between “no longer” and “not quite yet,” and please be assured that we are working tirelessly to complete all of these tasks as quickly as possible.

We ask that you walk with us on this journey, that you support our staff and students as they embark on these amazing years to come, and that you offer your input if we stumble along the way. We are here for you, whether you reach out to our staff at our school sites or the district office, come to me, or turn to your SVUSD Board Trustees.

Have an amazing 2015-2016 school year!

Dr. Jason Peplinski
SVUSD Superintendent

One thought on “Welcome Back to School from Supt. Dr. Jason Peplinski”

  1. I am so excited about the future of SVUSD. We have been such avid supporters of our local schools and have lived in this community for 44 years and have enjoyed watching our kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren attend Simi Valley Schools. We have been very defensive about general negative comments about our schools and school district and at times, it has been difficult to defend many of the actions taking place and some of the choices being made by our school board. Staying strong and supportive all these years is beginning to prove that our loyalty was not misplaced. Being an avid sports enthusiast, I have supported the team concept in sports as well as in life. We now have a strong team in place representing our schools and they have a vision and the energy to implement and put in place all the tools/resources necessary to bring that vision to fruition. Thank you to our dedicated, hard working school board members


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