Just Another Moment in Time at Township Elementary


This year is a special year at Simi Valley’s Township Elementary School as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

And what better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than with a time capsule?

Then tie this event into curriculum, and we’ve got a perfect Common Core lesson.

This year, student teacher Linsey Jassem has worked with Martha Nissen’s 4th and 5th graders to help them learn about timelines and how events develop over time.

As part of a Scholastic News article, Jassem decided to have the students bring items to create a time capsule for the campus. Students brought in menus, small toys, a 2015 penny and other small items commonly used. The PTA even donated a Township shirt and all the students wrote notes to whoever opens the capsule.


After wrapping everything carefully and sealing the box well, a district landscaper dug a hole just the right size near the front of the school. A class picture was taken and placed in the box. Then it was time for the students to wave good-bye to their treasures!

Back in the classroom, the students predicted what people will think when the box is opened in 50 years.

They will also work on creating a map to remind future employees that something special is buried on the campus.

“Everyone is invited to the opening of the time capsule at Township Elementary’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2064,” Nissen said. “Save the date!”

(Thank you Mrs. Nissen for providing the photos and information about what your class is working on!)


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