We Need to Know: What Do YOU Want in a New Superintendent?

Multi-ethinic arms outstretched to ask questions.

With the retirement of longtime superintendent, Dr. Kathryn Scroggin, the Simi Valley Unified School District is searching for a new superintendent. At a special board meeting last Tuesday, the SVUSD Board of Trustees instructed a survey to be developed and sent out to all possible stakeholders in the district. The purpose of this survey is to help identify the most pressing issues facing our district, along with what YOU feel are the most important traits and needs to consider in a new district superintendent.

The link below will take you to the survey. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey and make your voice heard. The submissions are anonymous; we will not know who sent them. The information given will be compiled and presented to the Board of Trustees to help them with the search.


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2 thoughts on “We Need to Know: What Do YOU Want in a New Superintendent?”

  1. Good luck to Dr. Scroggins and thank you for your years of service. Retirement opens new doors for the retiree and also for a younger person who has been preparing him/herself for this prestigious role. With the change of time comes a new challenge and whole new skill base. Technology today is awesome and also a bit frightening. As a retiree, I am able to address this and might I add, the future of Simi Valley is going to be exciting to watch! Let’s fix what is broken and then BUILD from there!


  2. Loved Kathy Scroggin, she was devoted to the district in Simi Valley, and a victim of circumstances. Simi Valley needs to have fresh blood at this point, a visionary – whose skills lay not only in administrative areas, but creative and expansive directions in terms of creativity and the arts, which our district is sorely lacking. Dr. Peplinski, the interim Superintendent has all the characteristics needed to be a balanced and effective administrator, with foresight, intelligence and the positive vision that will propel the Simi Valley School District into a successful future for our children. I support him 100%, and so does the entire arts community in Simi.


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