There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch for Simi Kids!

Students Outdoors Eating Lunch (Selective Focus)

Having our kids eat healthy this summer just got easier with the Summer Food Rocks! Food, Fun & Sun! program.

In partnership with the Rancho Simi Parks & Recreation District, the Simi Valley Unified School District will offer free lunch to children 18 and younger at Rancho Simi Community Park, 1765 Royal Ave (near Erringer Road).

Beginning June 9 and running through Aug. 1, lunch will be served at 11:45 a.m. Monday through Friday. Each nutritious lunch will include a fruit and vegetable, choice of milk, chocolate milk or water, and a rotating choice of sandwiches, pizza, corn dogs and burgers.

Lunch will not be available on July 4 due to the Independence Day holiday.

For more information, call 8805-306-4500, ext. 4702 or email

8 thoughts on “There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch for Simi Kids!”

  1. 17 Trillion Dollars in debt, our Federal Government is in…let’s add some more.Yeah!
    Why not put our efforts into providing for the poor via other outlets such as our churches, clubs, etc.? Does the Federal Government need to be involved in everything? Oh wait, this program isn’t just for the poor it’s for everyone!!!Yeah, I don’t have to buy peanut butter this summer. Thank you Uncle Sam. I should vote for whom ever is providing the freebee so I can get more.


  2. I think its wonderful that their finally giving out free lunch during the summer. They have done this in other cities and states for some time and its about time we caught up with the times. We will be there everyday lunch and playing in the park. Plus the pool is right there as well. Sounds like a great summer 🙂


  3. Wonderful update! Thanks for the information. Free lunch? Who’s paying for it? There is no such thing as free!!! What ever happened to parents sending their kids to school with a lunch? Are the children in Simi Valley so poor that they need Federal Goverment feed them? We need Math and English classes not free lunches!!!

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  4. what the heck…stupid politicians. we need the money for better education and security in our schools – not free lunch!


  5. Have you seen all the layoffs in Simi with B.O.A alone?? So many not working and this will help the families in the community. Obviously there are those who are not in need, but why put this down? Thank you Simi Valley!!


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